Saturday, August 28, 2010

Perfect Ending…

What a gorgeous day, if I could bottle it up and save it forever I would!!!
I slept in little this morning so I had a late breakfast of cereal and fruit. I could hardly wait for lunch, leftover buffalo chicken pizza!!!! Even better the next day!!! :)
Dinner was light and easy!! I made Lemon Pasta with Veggies. I cooked some whole grain penne in a large pot, during the last 3 minutes of cooking I threw in some broccoli, asparagus and zucchini, easy trick to save time and dishes!! I hate doing dishes, my hubby does them for me most of the time, teamwork works well with us!! ;) Back to the recipe…in a large pan I heated some olive oil, red pepper and garlic slices, a lot! Once the pasta is done, toss it in with the garlic oil and squeeze the juice of 2 lemons, add basil, chopped tomatoes and parmesan cheese! That’s it, soooo easy!! You can also add chicken or shrimp!
Since we had such a light dinner I thought it would be fun to have a little indulgence tonight, this time I had the girls in mind! See if you can guess, I’ve give you a hint…it involves a nice roaring fire…
If you guessed s’mores your right…kinda! We jazzed them up a little bit by changing the graham crackers to chocolate chip cookies and added some peanut butter!  I only got one good pic before my battery died! Boooo!! But they were a huge hit with the girls!!
A perfect ending to a perfect day! :D


  1. The buffalo chicken pizza looks delicious! I might just make it this week! Thanks!

  2. I seriously believe that pizza ALWAYS tastes better as leftovers...sometimes even better than the original!

  3. Wow...I don't know what looks better...the pizza, pasta or s'mores!?!

  4. I love buffalo chicken pizza. Thanks for sharing.

    Plan B

  5. wow looks so yummy!!!!! kinda jealous of the smores hahaha

  6. Forget the classic s'mores recipe....I'm trying this next time!!!! :D

  7. That pasta sounds so good and so simple. Love that.

  8. Oh my, these are the holy grail of 'smores!

  9. i don't know which is better-- that "smore" or buffalo chix pizza :)

  10. That pasta looks GREAT!!! And s'mores are my weakness!!!!

  11. We had almost the same pasta dish Saturday night. Your s'mores look better than any I've ever seen!