Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday and hello weekend!!! :) We are at the beginning of a gorgeous weekend here in MA, going to try and make the most of it since Fall is fast approaching and this is our last stress free weekend before the girls head back to school!
Didn’t get a workout in this morning, decided to do a major cleaning of my house instead, somehow having  a clean and organized house makes for a happy mom and everyone knows when mom’s happy….everyone is happy! :D
Breakfast was a bowl of cereal; Kashi Go Lean and Multi Grain Cheerios with Almond Milk and fruit. Morning snack was a banana.
I made myself another not-so-boring lunch= parfait
And for my favorite meal of the day!!! Pizza, of course since it’s Friday!!! Tonight I made Tina’s (Carrots N Cake) Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Holy hot and delicious!!!! I am a sucker for buffalo chicken so I had to give this pizza a try and it is a-mazing!!! 
Here’s the before: Boneless chicken cooked in a little butter and lots of Frank’s hot sauce. Dough was spread with ranch dressing some mozzarella cheese and scallions then topped with chicken, drizzled with Frank’s and topped off with the rest of the mozz cheese and scallions.
Here it is right off the grill! I hate heating my house up in the summer so I put my pizza’s on a pizza stone and put it on the grill over indirect heat. Pizza comes out perfect every time!
Can’t wait to have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!
Thank you, Tina for a super- delicious- hot pizza!!! =D>

Since our girls don’t like the hot sauce they made their own cheese pizza tonight. I love going to BJ’s Wholesale and buying the Boboli Pizza Kits. The kit includes 8 personal mini pizza crusts with individual sauce packets for $7.99!! Not bad, right?! I throw them all in the freezer and take them out as needed.
So here they are putting their own personal touches on their pizzas…
Two satisfied customers…pizza makes everything better in our family! :)

What are some of your family’s favorite pizza toppings?


  1. I have definitely skipped workouts to do some deep house cleaning! When your motivated to clean, you gotta jump on least I have to!! Your girls are gorgeous, you all look so much alike!

  2. Your girls are so cute! And that try that one!

  3. I think major house work can count as exercise! My hubby loves Frank's hot sauce and I was just thinking up a way of trying to make tofu buffalo wings - I know sounds bad to most I'm sure. me it sounds good ;-)

  4. I love brie, proscuitto and caramelized onions!

  5. i love love love buffalo chicken pizza - the one at Mellow Mushroom is to die for if you ever get the chance to sample!!!