Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Organizing Bug

Jordyn loves hanging around the kitchen while I am making dinner. Although I am completely flattered it makes me laugh because she hardly eats anything I make,  fussiest girl on earth. She loves how everything smells but taste is another story.
Anyways, last night she decided that our utensil drawer was a "disaster", yes that was exactly how she described it and I couldn’t agree with her more!  ;)
Poor girl doesn’t realized yet that at her tender age of 6  she has inherited mom's organizing gene. Even when she plays, she loves to sort things into piles and then putting them away they have to be in there own little containers. If your kids play with Barbie, Littlest Pet Shop or Polly Pockets you know exactly what I am talking about...tiny little shoes, pocketbooks and necklaces that are constantly getting lost! 
Her Barbie Dream House....spotless! The clothes are in the closet ON HANGERS!
DSC05320 DSC05322
And best of all she’s even decorated for the holidays! :D
So here’s my new utensil drawer a –la- Jordyn…
Mom, could you please close the drawer nice and easy so nothing will get messed up….even when you are mad”? I wanted to die of laughter! Yes, Jo I will try my hardest, thank you”.  lol
So in keeping with the theme today, I decided to clean and organize a couple more drawers. I can’t believe the things that have been hanging out in my KITCHEN!
Last year’s Halloween bracelet, hair accessories, snowman bubbles, tape measure?!  Seriously, this isn’t even my junk drawer!
                                   Here’s some before and afters….

Having clean organized drawers makes cooking that much more enjoyable, if I can only keep them this way! :)

Lastly since I didn’t do any cooking today I thought I’d share one of my new favorite snacks! Of course it includes pumpkin…
Kashi’s Pumpkin Spice Flax granola bar, mmmmm so delicious!

What are some strange and unusual things you have found in YOUR kitchen drawers?


  1. Feel free to send her to my house to organize please. Try as I might, I can't keep everything in place!

  2. I organized some of the drawers in my mom's kitchen too because I was so tired of the clutter! It ended up being a lot more spacious than she thought! haha

  3. I'm not too bad at the organizing part, but the maintaining it is another story! My other issue is doing a day of "organizing" and then forgetting where I put things and driving myself crazy looking for them...maybe someday I'll get a good system :)

  4. how cute!! she had a little pumpkin on the coffee table! LOVE it! I'm pretty good at organization, I really hate clutters. However, my table always has something on it! mail, a random toy, magazine, book it's so annoying! as soon as I clean it off it gets messy right away! ::sigh::

  5. I love your daughter! I'm such a neat freak, wish some other people living in my house were that way. Oh- and the TLC Pumpkin Spice Flax are the best granola bar ever!