Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crafts and Costumes

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!
Friday, Kailey had her last field hockey game of the season! It was freezing!!! Now on to basketball, thank god it’s inside!
IMG_0009kailey field hockey 1

Saturday was craft day! Who says candy is only for eating!!! I found this craft project in Woman’s Day Magazine.
Candy Corn Wreath
All you need is a styrofoam wreath, black duct tape, candy corn, ribbon and a hot glue gun.
Wrap the wreath with the duct tape
Glue the candy corn to the wreath working from the outer edge to the inner.
Keep on gluing! By this time the girls had completely lost interest in watching me burn my fingers and was much more amused at trying to duct tape the other’s mouth shut. THEIR idea not mine, although I would be lying if I said the thought has never crossed my mind! :D
Tadaaaa!!!  All it needs now is some ribbon!
Good job, Mom! ;)

Sunday and finally today I took Jordyn to a Halloween Party at FSU.
Go Team!!!
Here she is decorating a cookie, her own masterpiece! She took one bite and threw the rest away! I guess the fun is in the decorating, not the eating! lol I wish I had her mentality!
I thought she had this contest in the bag! She loves donuts!
She was laughing so hard that she just couldn’t do it!
That a girl! After getting some help from her little cousin she conquered the donut! :)

In case you were wondering why Kailey didn’t come along, we had a disagreement over her costume. She wanted to go as Lady GaGa…need I say more?! :D



  1. I love the candy corn wreath! So creative and not too difficult looking. I did a similar project a few years ago with a Styrofoam cone and hershey kisses to make a tree.

    Looks like Jordyn had a great time at the halloween party!

  2. What a cute craft idea! Looks like the party was fun! I can understand the issue with the lady gaga costume - probably not how kids should be dressing :)

  3. Totally awesome wreath! Now, is it edible after the holidays? :) Great blog, I never know what I'm going to get when I start clicking away. New follower! Come follow me when you get a sec.

  4. I love that wreath! I would probably end up eating it though. Your girls are absolutely adorable!

  5. OH MY! Love the wreath. I'm not sure I could do it, without eating all the candy corn first. My favorite candy!