Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Catching Up

The title of this post seems to sum up my life for the past week in a nut shell! Hubby went on nights last week along with working during the day so he was basically working a double shift. With that said I didn't do much cooking. I hate cooking dinner for just myself when he isn't going to be home, I just feel like its a waste of time and money so last week consisted of a lot of boring, sandwiches, soups, eggs and cereals. I am one of those people who would be completely satisfied with a bowl or two of cereal and be completely satisfied! lol

Here is a grown up grilled cheese sandwich that I made one night last week.

Extra sharp cheddar cheese, montery jack cheese, cooked red onion and slice tomatoes. Layer these ingredients between a whole wheat roll and cook in pan until cheese is just melted. Delish!!

So with our schedules back to normal this week I was really looking forward to making some meals until I woke up this morning feeling like crud! I could feel myself fighting the sniffles all weekend, hoping it was just allergies...wrong!! And talk about a bummer, today I was suppose to run, not happening! :(

Today I will be chilling on the couch with some tea and my dvr. Tonight I plan on making a recipe from a blogger and I will be posting it tomorrow! :D

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!!!


  1. Oh I like the idea of adding in the cooked onions! Sorry to hear you're not feeling great. Seems like that's going around lately.

  2. Feel better soon! I am like you and for every fantastic meal I make for my fiance and I, I make some low-key dishes when it is just for me!

  3. aww, gross. Sorry your getting sick. We are getting into cold/flu season. Have a wonderful rest day and that grilled cheese looks delicious. I'm thinking I might make one for lunch.

  4. Feel better!!
    I love tomato slices in grilled cheese sandwiches!

  5. I know what you mean, I hate cooking for just myself!! If it wasn't for my hubby and kids I prob. would live off of sandwiches and salads. Today is just one of those days I wish I could stay on the couch. But my 4 yr. old has ballet tonight and my 8 month old is crawling everywhere! ::sigh::

    I hope you feel better and rest a little for me!! lol

  6. glad you're back!!!

  7. Love the looks of your grown up grilled cheese!

    I hope you feel better soon!