Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rainy Sunday

As much as we need the rain, I already miss the sun. I have definitely  taken the sun for granted these past few months. Here in the northeast we have had such a beautiful summer, no matter what week you had for vacation it was perfect!
Didn’t have much on the agenda to do today. Hubby went fishing and I got caught up on all my guilty dvr recordings from the past couple of weeks. For breakfast I had a whole wheat bagel thin, love these!!! Only 110 calories and 3 grams of fiber, not bad! I topped it with some neufchatel cheese and sliced strawberries.
Snacked a lot on some brown rice chips and hummus, so much so that I wasn’t that hungry for lunch! oops!
For dinner I baked some boneless chicken thighs with whole grain brown mustard and maple syrup, made some pesto red potatoes, broiled tomatoes and corn on the cob.
Getting ready to watch the Great Food Truck Race on Food Network with Tyler Florence!  Anyone else watch this?


  1. I love those bagel thins too! They really do taste like a bagel.

  2. A bagel thin? Hmmm don't think I've seen those. Must keep an eye out...

  3. So glad I found your blog!! We had a perfect sunny Sunday, no rain! Yea! Spent the day at the beach.

    I've never heard of Great Food Truck Race but I'll look it up. I LOVE food network but just don't watch it anymore, NO TIME. I pretty much only watch TV if it is on the internet, I'll see if I can find it on Hulu, thanks!

  4. J and I just recently signed up for a bigger cable package -- soon I'll be watching all of these Food Network shows :)

  5. Ugh - I wrote you a comment and Blogger "ate" it...I hate blogger! Thanks for your comment - if you make them, let me know! :) Lots of variation for the recipe.

    Is Neufechetal(?) cheese like cream cheese?? I adore cream chees...especially cream cheese frosting ;)