Saturday, August 21, 2010

Errands and a Great Find!

This is the first Saturday that hubby has had off in a couple of months and what do we do??? Errands!!!! But if you ask me they were fun errands, BJ’s Wholesale, Trader Joe’s and Christmas Tree Shop (hubby wasn’t very excited about the last one) :D
My husband was all for going to BJ’s because he likes to do all the taste testing from all the little vendors they have around the store. They are probably on a first name basis by now! ;) I had a great find there today, these have probably been out forever but for some reason I just never noticed them until today!!
Multi-Grain Brown Rice Chips (Black Sesame & Sea Salt)
I was in the mood for hummus today so I picked these up thinking they were tortilla-like chips. I was pleasantly surprised at how light and crisp they were! They remind me a lot of Popchips, very light and airy.
Ming Tsai, celebrity chef from the Food Network and PBS has a restaurant, Blue Ginger which is nearby in Wellesley, MA,   partnered with Kellogg’s in creating these chips.
I can handle this, 33 chips – 110 calories and 3g fat….does that mean I can eat the whole bag???!!! Speaking of the bag, this bag is HUGE and it is completely filled to the top with chips not AIR…imagine that! Way to go Ming, I am hooked!! :) Did I mention they went perfectly with hummus!! Mmmmm
By the time we got home from all our sampling errands it was late so I put together a quick dinner, to be honest with you the couch was calling my name and I would have been perfectly happy with a big ol’ bowl of cereal but somehow I knew that wouldn’t satisfy hubby and after all he did take me to the xmas tree shop. (no big finds there, it’s always hit or miss, today was a miss) :(
So for dinner I made a chicken caesar salad with a homemade roasted garlic dressing and some tomato bread to go along with it.
I grilled some boneless chicken on the grill that I had drizzled with olive oil and s&p. And put it on a bed of baby romaine lettuce and some croutons.
For the dressing, I roasted a head of garlic in the oven for 45 minutes…heaven!!! :D I then put it in the food processor along with plain greek yogurt, lemon, white wine vinegar, olive oil, dijon mustard, parmesan cheese and s&p and whizzed it up til it was smooth.
The tomato bread is just a whole wheat baguette that I sliced in half, drizzled with olive oil and toasted it under the broiler, then added sliced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil on top, placed it back under to melt the cheese.
Pics and lighting aren’t the best, it was late. :(

Hubby is off fishing tomorrow and I am hoping to get caught up with my dvr and laundry


  1. That tomato bread and fresh ceasar salad look sooooooo good. That's my kinda eats. Fresh and full of flavor. Big slices of summer tomatoes on crunchy bread...yum!

  2. wow that tomato bread and caesar salad looks absolutely divine. I am loving summer with all the fresh veggies.


  3. That tomato bread looks fantastic. Yum. I have not tried the rice chips yet. Thanks for the thumbs up review ;-) Enjoy your dvr catch up time.

  4. Yesterday was my day of errands and it also included a stop at Trader Joe's! Have you tried falafel chips? They are also really healthy and tasty!

  5. Wow...your dinner looks delicious!! That tomato bread is drool worthy!

  6. The Brown Rice Chips sounds great! I'm planning a trip to BJ's after I move so I will definitely keep an eye out for those :)

  7. That tomato toast thing looks like it's RIGHT up my alley!!!! Holy Yum!!!!! Never saw those brown rice chips...I am a fab of brown rice wraps though :-)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

  8. Those yummy chips sound like a terrific find!

  9. that open-face sandwich looks like heaven right now! oh my gosh...fresh still my heart!