Friday, August 20, 2010

Nature and a New Pizza

TGIF! And what a beautiful Friday it was! I really took some time today to enjoy and soak up the last of the summer..but first of course I worked out and decided to make some blueberry pancakes. The girls slept in late today so I had my to replacement helpers in the kitchen with me…
Miley and Maggie
So with the blueberries I picked up yesterday from the farmers market I decided to put them to good use in some whole wheat pancakes. I made a big batch that should carry hubby and the girls through the weekend.
For lunch I had yogurt and fruit, no surprises there! lol
Today was so beautiful, I spent some time in the gardens with the camera…

For dinner we had pizza to celebrate TGIF. So I thought I’d try a recipe from a new blog that I recently started following,  Eat, Live ,Run. Jenna made Cheesy Zucchini Pizza a few weeks ago, click here  to see her post.  It looked easy and yummy, only had a few ingredients with lots of cheese,  just how I like it! :)  So here goes…
Here are the 2 zucchinis shredded and patted dry with 2 cups of shredded mozzarella…
and the 1 cup of ricotta with 2 garlic cloves minced and s&p
Easy right?!  You betcha!!!
I rolled out the dough into whatever shape it wanted to go,  it’s Friday remember, keeping it casual! lol I’ll call this one semi-rectangle? And of course I added red pepper flakes, lots!
I didn’t want to put my oven on so I heated up the grill and cooked the pizza over indirect heat, 450 for about 12 minutes, just like Jenna said! ;)
And here she is, in all her golden, ooey/gooey/cheesy deliciousness!!
The hardest part about this pizza is waiting for it to cool so you can cut and dive in!!
Thank you, Jenna for sharing your recipe!!! It was delicious, a perfect ending to the week!!! :D


  1. Wow! I seen you post on Jenna's blog and wanted to see how your pizza turned out. Dare I say that your slice looks even more amazing than hers?? shhh ! don't tell! - it's the cheese! - it's look super cheesy - just how i like it.

    What type of crust is that? home-made?

    Great blog!

  2. That pizza is GENIUS!! you can't even tell there's zucchini in there, I think this would be a great fake out for my toddler (sneaky, I know but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes!)

    Oh and those pancakes look divine : )

  3. I am making this tomorrow. I have been on a pizza kick, and absolutely love zucchini. Never would have thought to do this, so happy that you did. Genius. This should make Top 9 and the pic is beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous pictures and what sweet looking furbabies. And that pizza??? Holy yum! I am a pizza fanatic so I love seeing new ideas.

  5. Your pizza looks YUMMY! I saw Jenna make it a while back--> I'm gonna have to try it ASAP!! Happy Weekend!!

  6. Oh boy, oh boy. I'm going to attempt a polenta pizza a la Emily (this is the post: Zucchini is totally making its way on top now! Thanks for sharing.

  7. That pizza looks amazing, I am totally going to try that while zucchinis are still in season!
    Also, I need to start making big batches of pancakes and freezing them - so much more efficient.

  8. That pizza looks incredible! Pizza has to be my favorite food ever!
    The picture with the butterfly is amazing!

  9. Your pizza turned out really well. Looks really yummy.

  10. I never would have thought to do that with pizza but it looks absolutely amazing! definitely a must try! I am a new follower


  11. The cheesey zucchini pizza looks fabulous! I think you may have inspired me with the zucchini in my fridge!

  12. That pizza looks soooo good! I love grilling pizza, so flavorful without heating up the house!

  13. That pizza looks great!! I love zucchini!

    What cute doggies and a pretty garden you have!

  14. holy yum. that pizza looks delicious!!!!

  15. I made this pizza for dinner last night and it was SUPER yummy!! Thanks for the recipe!

  16. I've seen this recipe now three times in blogland, I'm going to HAVE to make it.