Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

My oldest daughter, Kailey who is 11 years old was out to lunch with her friend Annie and her mom. How funny is this, she took pictures of what she ate and sent them to my phone!! :)) Possible future Food Blogger?? lol

Here’s her salad, so proud!! :)


Here’s her entree Ribs, potatoes and broccoli*GetAttachment.aspx

*note, the broccoli hasn’t been touched :(  hahaha


As for me, it’s STILL raining!!!  Mother nature has a sick sense of humor!!!


Perfect day for cutting out coupons and getting some groceries!


Hope everyone is enjoying their day!


  1. Oh that's great. Love it! Sorry for the rain though. Hope it clears up soon!

  2. Hey lady - I was going to follow you on twitter, but the link is just for twitter and not your acct.

  3. @ Heather, thx for the heads up!! My bad!! :)

  4. I think its adorable that your daughter is taking photos of food too! Like mother, like daughter!

  5. I love that your daughter is a food blogger in training! :)

  6. We went grocery shopping too... very, very, wet! That is so cute of taking photos of her food! Very sweet! ~ Take Care

  7. I love that!! My kiddies do the same thing! = )

  8. LOL!!! OMG, I totally love are creating a future food blogger!!! How stinkin' cute is that!!??

    I am the worst with coupons, I always forget to use them, I need an intervention.

  9. I love that your daughter sends you food pictures! When I was out of town for a week my BF started emailing pictures of his dinners, I thought it was so cute!