Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to the Grind

Today I welcomed back one of  my daycare kids. She brought me a wonderful surprise, just what I needed on a rainy, Wednesday morning!


Because I’m a bag-a-holic she brought me a Life is Good tote, a pink pen with a “K” and a yummy bag of peanut butter chocolates that I immediately hid in the freezer from hubby for emergency purposes only! It’s hard to get back in the grind after not doing daycare during the summer so this was a great way to start the week off! :)

After my early morning workout I chow’d down a bowl of cereal with fruit and soon after had a larabar, chocolate coconut chew…not bad.



During naptime I cleaned out the fridge, it’s Wednesday after all and I was planning on getting to the grocery store before summer. I like to take stock to see what I have, is low on and need to get. I HAVE to plan out my dinners and write a list, if not I get home from shopping and I don’t have nearly what I need! As you see in my previous post today, I love to cut out coupons and get the most for my money, it really does add up and some weeks I can save between $20-25 dollars. That’s a post for another day! ;)

Lunch was the usual, Chobani Yogurt, fruit and a cheese stick.


Dinner was even more boring! I guess I’d rather have boring rather than stopping on my way home and picking up fast food like I used to after doing groceries!

Italian Wedding Soup, whole wheat wrap spread with hummus and brown rice chips…


…perfect night for soup, just wish it was homemade! lol

I have a date with hubby, the couch and our dvr!



  1. Sometimes boring meals are the best ones. :) Date nights in front of the tv are the best! Enjoy!

  2. What a sweet gift. Good call in freezing the chocolates. I would never think to do that. Mine typically just go bad. Enjoy your date night!

  3. Adorable gift you got! I'd love to hear your tips on finding/using coupons at some point

  4. I don't know where my comment went...oye

    Those are me and hubby's FAV chocolates to splurge on....what a sweet thoughtful gift!

    Enjoy your date night with the man and the DVR!!!

  5. that bag is so cute! and i love that larabar flavor...super rich :)

    hope your date was fun :)

  6. aww, how sweet! gotta love surprises :) hope you had a good night!

  7. Peanut butter chocolates. Larabar. Greek yoghurt. Such good food! :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet words! I loved looking at your other blog! Your dogs look so sweet...goldens are the best! Oh and your Etsy shop is awesome! I absolutely love your I love my golden necklace! Beautiful products! Take care!