Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chaibo and a Little Indulgence

Waking up this morning felt like ground hog day; hot, sticky and humid. Here we go again!! My morning went as usual, a kiss goodbye from my husband, coffee,  emails with the dogs and my day 4 workout all while the kiddos were still sleeping. Ya know I think it’s so ironic, when my girls were toddlers I couldn’t wait for the day when they would sleep in which in return would allow me to sleep in on occasion. Now that they are growing up, they sleep in until mid morning and I am up with the birds…just sayin’!!
Anyways,  for breakfast I had a bowl of Kashi’s Go Lean Crunch with a handful of fresh blueberries. And for my mid morning snack I had a refreshing orange.

For lunch I had blueberry greek yogurt, some fresh strawberries, cantaloupe and grapes along with string cheese and of course H2O!
On the first Thursday of every month my town holds special events in the downtown area called, First Thursday. Most of the local shops hold specials and have free events for children. So with tonight being so hot and me not really wanting to cook we decided to head down to new  place  that has recently opened up called Chaibo, a gelato and fondue bar. I heard the panini’s were to die for so my hubby and I  shared one. We decided on the buffalo chicken with blue cheesing dressing along side some veggie chips… two words, huge and delicious! So glad we split it although I probably could have devoured the whole thing myself!! :~) The pic below is only half a portion!!
Tonight they just so happened to be having a free fondue tasting in honor of First Thursdays, this was right up my daughter’s alley…chocolate!!! So for a little indulgence we decided to give it a try, everything in moderation, right?! I picked the strawberries and Jordyn picked the oreo’s! My advice, take a dip and walk away!!
Of course we couldn’t leave there without trying their lattes so we ordered a Chaibo Iced Latte with chocolate and caramel, yum!!  Our next visit we plan on trying the vegetarian panini and of course some gelato!
Our perfect night of indulgence ended with a nice walk with the dogs!  Looking forward to waking up tomorrow to some beautiful, dry weather and maybe even some baking!!


  1. That sandwich looks delicious and HUGE! Oh my.

    I don't have kids but I feel for you on the sleep thing. When I "plan" to sleep in on a Sat morning I end up wide awake at 5am. Without fail. Then, during the workweek I have to drag myself out of bed at 6am. Why does this happen?

  2. That panini looks so good! And - yum - fondue!

    Your daughter is too cute. :)

    I've been blog touring and thought I would leave you a note and say hi. :)