Friday, March 11, 2011

Cho’banana Split

Happy Friday, it’s a soggy one here in Massachusetts!

First off I would like to send my thoughts and prayers out to everyone who has been effected by the earthquake and tsunami and to all the family members who are waiting to hear about their loved ones.

So I can’t decide if this next dish I am about to share is considered a breakfast or dessert. I’m going to say both, but I’ll let you be the judge!

I was lucky enough last month to win a case of Chobani Champions Greek Yogurt for kids! When you have this much yogurt, you need to get creative!

photo chobani champions

The girls love to have some as an afternoon snack or right out of the freezer as yogurt pops. I’ve been trying to get the girls to eat more for breakfast because a small bowl of cereal barely holds them over to lunchtime at school. This is where I thought this recipe would come in handy  for breakfast! It is inspired by Devin Alexander’s cookbook  I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fattening and of course my LOVE for Nutella.

Cho’banana Split


Mix a couple teaspoons of nutella in with the yogurt, I used Chobani Champions honey-nana.


Split the banana in half and spread both sides with peanut butter


Top the banana halves with the greek yogurt mixture


Sprinkle your favorite cereal on top, I used Kashi’s Go Lean Crunch!




It’s almost looks like the real thing, right? Minus the whipped cream and cherry on top!

Well, it tastes delicious and so much healthier!

I’m trying this out on the girls tonight for dessert and if it’s a hit Mom will be a rock star when she offers dessert for breakfast next week!

Woot! Woot!         Open-mouthed smile


  1. I'm not a kid and yet I would definitely love this dessert! Stay dry today and TGIF!

  2. Very creative ... sounds great!
    Try to keep the mud outside today.. I know we've got paw prints all over the place... ugh!

  3. Definitely healthier than a regular banana split! Looks awesome, who doesn't love Nutella? PS I got the necklace and love it. Thanks again for the great giveaway!

  4. Looks yummy! Love that you put Nutella on it! I eat that by the spoonfuls!

    I awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award on my blog:)

  5. Soggy is an understatement!

    That looks so tasty. I'll be adding Nutella to my shopping list and making this soon! Your photographs are beautiful, too!


  6. That looks really good! I'm a new follower from the Born2Impress blog hop. I'd love for you to visit me and follow back.


  7. Oh, that looks so good. I will have to try it out on my very food fussy son!

  8. following back. thank you :)

  9. looks gross, but I bet it tastes SO good. :)

    thanks for stopping by. I'm following you back!

  10. Oh my goodness - what a creative idea! It looks wonderful...I LOVE all those ingredients too, and know it has to be good. I often top off my yogurt with Kashi crunch. And weekly I spread peanut butter in between sliced banana! Thanks for sharing this simple idea. Congrats on your win too! WOOOHOOOO!!!

  11. I love this idea!! I want to make it this summer at camp for the kids!

  12. I tried the Chobani Champions last month and thought they were delicious! Especially the verry-berry :)