Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More White Stuff

Not only has more snow been falling outside all day, it is now changing over to sleet. Oh joy, just want I was wishing for! As long as it doesn’t turn into another ice storm…

Ice Storm 2008 008

At least someone in this house is enjoying yet another day off from school.


Not only do they like to play in it, they like to eat it!

Should I feel insulted?


And “P” in it…the dogs that is!


Some go a little overboard…



No hot chocolate for you!!! Sorry, hubby is a HUGE Seinfeld fan, I couldn’t resist! I have never made a pot of soup without him quoting the soup nazi from Seinfeld! No Soup For You!!! lol

As much as I would enjoy a bowl of soup on a day like today, I can’t help but wish I was back here by the pool eating a refreshing bowl of yogurt n’ fruit with some homemade granola. Mmmm!


Then reality strikes!


Would it be too much to ask if we could fast forward about 3 months! Winking smile

*Here’s a little tip for drying out wet mittens and boots overnight, stuff them with newspaper and they’ll be dry by morning!


  1. Oh I hope it doesn't turn into an ice storm. Those can be soooo dangerous (it's what we usually get over the snow). Great tip!

  2. We've got lots of snow here too -- I love it! Granola sounds like a great way to restore after playing outside!

  3. I'm right with you - bring on spring and summer. I'm done with this white stuff!

  4. Thank you so much for linking up to Feed Me Tweet Me Follow Me Home! I've really enjoyed visiting your blog, and I've followed it as well as following you on Twitter. Hope to see you at Feed Me Tweet Me again this Friday :)

  5. Isn't this weather miserable!?? Ick. And one of my daughters likes to eat snow too. Weird kids.

  6. I'm so with you on fast forwarding through these cold months. I'm so sick of winter...

  7. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, it sure does look like we're both getting hit again with the white stuff on Friday!
    Great pics... and yes, please no more bad ice storms!

  8. I heard your area is going to get more snow on Friday!!! I'm sending you warm wishes!!!!

  9. I loved to eat snow as a kid. but even more to drink my mom's hot chocolate, so don't feel insulted ;) snow days rule!!

  10. I never had a snow day growing up since we live where there is no snow. I did have a rain day once because a major road was flooding. I love all the ice, everything is so pretty.

  11. The snow has been crazy not to mention the ice. I wish I was a kid so I could play in it instead of whine about it lol.