Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good Eats and Treats!

Why does Sunday like to sneak up on you and steal the weekend away, so not fair!! Today was one of those beautiful Fall days where I just wanted to freeze time and bottle it up to last forever! We spent the afternoon at Bolton Orchards doing one of our favorite things, tasting food!

We pass this orchard on our way to a few of my other favorite stops, Trader Joe's and The Christmas Tree Shop and the girls always love seeing their sign...

We were crammed in like sheep so pictures had to be taken quickly so they are a bit fuzzy, evidently there are many people who love food tastings! ;) 

Honey!! Our youngest one could watch those busy bees all day!

This is me getting my first taste of the most delicious cranberry lime sauce from Cape Cod. They suggest adding it to a turkey sandwich or on a bagel with cream cheese, to tell you the truth I could eat it straight out of the jar! :D
Here we are tasting some dips! When Jordyn see's a white dip she automatically thinks it french onion, little did she know she was eating spinach and artichoke dip! Hey, any time I can get some green into this girl I will! No Shame!!! lol
Kailey and I agree that this is quite possibly the worlds best kettle corn from The White Mountain's. The ingredient list is corn, soybean oil, sugar and salt so you can imagine how simple and light these are!
Check out the size of these sweet rolls they were giving out, no sample size here! We tried a few different ones, Coconut Cream, Pumpkin Spice and a Cinnamon.
We were definitely on a sugar high after we finished...we weren't the only ones...
And for the ride home...

just ONE more bag, they should seriously have a warning label on the bag! :D

Here are some of my favorite finds

Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip; my sister-in-law always has this out when we are over and I love the different combos of flavor. Cape Cod Cranberry Lime Sauce, can't wait to play around with this! And lastly, Buffalo Blue Cheese Dip.......need I say more?!  ;)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!



  1. Oh I love that pretzel dip - so good. We've gotten that one and a few others from that company before. Yum. I'm such a sucker for dips LOL. Sounds like a great day!

  2. This looks like the most perfect day! Oh, how I miss New England!!! Christmas Tree still my heart!

  3. Awww, what a great fun filled family day! I love kettle corn, haven't had i in SO long...but it sure is yummy...can't imagine the BEST kettle corn ever, probably was really tasty!

  4. I desperately want some of that raspberry honey mustard dip. My favorite snack is dipping pretzels into brown mustard. Such a great way to spend a Sunday.

  5. I love going to Orchards! We did the same thing on Sunday : ) the Blue Cheese dip sounds amazing!!

  6. Fall has so many fun things to offer! The sweet rolls look heavenly and the cranberry lime sauce sounds awesome - curious to see what you'll use it for :)