Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heat Wave

I am so over this heat wave!!!!!!!!!! Fall  hurry up and get here!!! But before that Earl please go away and do not harm anyone or anything!! I will not be affected by this hurricane because I am more inland but if anyone is PLEASE stay safe, my thoughts are with the people in NC…
I did the 30 day shred this morning, I really enjoy this video! It’s just a quick 20 minutes to get my heart pumping and energy up to start the day off on the right foot!
Breakfast was a bowl of Go Lean and Cheerios with fruit, morning snack was a banana!
For lunch I made myself a bowl of plain greek yogurt with granola and fruit, it’s so pretty I almost don’t even want to eat it! :)
And dinner was tuna wrapped in a whole wheat wrap with salad mix and veggies. I am really getting sick of these quick sandwich/wraps but there is no way I am heating up the kitchen in this weather! I JUST WANT TO COOK A REAL MEAL!!!! :D
Today was my second run, hubby and I waited til it was almost dusk to head out, despite the temp we had a great run. I’m really enjoying it and I completely understand everyone that commented on my last post about running with a partner who is faster. Poor Keith was almost doing a power walk just to stay with me. lol He’s not complaining so neither will I !



  1. I hear you on not wanting to heat up the kitchen. We've had a record heat summer here. I love summer and all, but this one has been brutal.

  2. It hasn't been too hot here this summer. Sorry you guys are melting over there!

  3. I absolutely hate turning the oven on in the summer - I also have more of a hate relationship with cooking.

    I love 30 day shred as well - haven't done it in a while and need to do it again - such a quick yet great workout!

  4. I've been searching for a GOOD heartbeating workout but my problem is I need it to be under 30 mins. from one mom to another would you reccomend the 30 day shred?? or know any other good ones?

  5. I agree....Soooooooooo over the heat. I was exhausted today :(

    Have a nice night!

  6. I agree over the heat here too and dreading the rain coming from the hurricane runoff. I do use the grill a lot to avoid heating up the kitchen! That yogurt and granola looks so yummy
    I love love the 30 day shred! It is a great workout! And I am a new mom it is perfect to get in while the baby is napping especially when I am on a time crunch! :)

  7. I haven't done the 30 day shred in ages! I've been doing mainly yoga lately, but it would be a good addition to the mix and as you mentioned, a perfect way to start the day!

  8. We finally had some fall weather today! It was very cool today. I am already thinking soups and chili's!!