Sunday, September 12, 2010

Do - Over

Have you ever felt you needed a do-over in life? Maybe you didn’t study for a test as much as you should have, made an impulse buy, didn’t completely follow a recipe properly or in my case ate lots and lots of yummy but oh – so – terrible for you things!!! :(
I need a do-over for this entire weekend from start.….
Pumpkin Muffin from Dunkin Donuts…We’ve had a tradition with our youngest daughter that on her first soccer game of the season we take her to DD.  It was yummy and little did I know it was the first of many poor choices for the next two days.
For lunch a Chicken Sandwich from Mc D’s…just because it was convenient at the time,  I felt completely horrible after I ate this!!! After eating well for so long and then having fast food, I can’t believe how awful it instantly made me feel!
We had dinner at a friends and I completely let loose with the appetizers and drinks not to mention pizza!! We came home early because I wasn’t feeling well. Gee maybe it was the half container of dip and chips that I devoured!!! lol

This was suppose to be my one indulgent I was saving  for the weekend! The most delicious cannoli that my sister-in-law, Jane brought back  from Mike’s Pastry shop in Boston.  You would think that I would just take a bite or two here and there and be content with that…nope, ate the whole damn thing in one sitting!!
So I guess this just proves that I am still striving to find a happy healthy balance in my life between eating and indulging.  As for this weekend I am giving myself a big fat “F”!  With that said tomorrow is the start of a new week and I can’t wait to get it started out right,  I know my body will be thanking me. ;)
I am determined to see some good come out of these past few days so  I am ending this post on two positive notes:
1. I held myself completely accountable and didn’t blame my hubby or any other influences for my food choices. This is my journey, not his.
2. I am still on track with my couch to 5k plan and loving it!!!    


  1. Sorry I threw you off track with the cannoli! I just kept thinking of our tour together in Boston and how much you loved them! :)

    Hey, did you notice that Marshall's Apple Barn is now closed! :( There was a sign there that said New England Stallion Station.

    I picked a bunch of different apples at Lanni's this weekend. (They have Golden Ginger and Golden Delicious apples there along with Macs and Cortland!) Check them out. The fresh fruit make me want to eat better myself! Have a great week!

  2. I've learned to not beat myself up and to move on, life is too short to feel guilty about what you put in your mouth. You're active and you had an amazing weekend with your family, embrace it : )

  3. We all indulge from time to time - best, like you said, to not beat yourself up and move on. One weekend doesn't make or break you!

  4. Those cannoli's are amazing! I also tried to not eat the whole thing in one sitting...didn't work :)

  5. You know, there are just some days like that. And it's okay, as long as they aren't every day. No sense in beating yourself up over it, you just move forward.
    Ah, a cannoli from Mike's Pastry, so good! I haven't had one in ages. Now that would send my blood sugars over the roof...but it might be worth it! Especially if I built in a walk or a run afterwards to help bring my sugars down! ;)