Monday, September 13, 2010

A New Start…

Happy Monday everyone, hope it was good to you! I am off to a great start for the week, love days when I get so much accomplished and still have energy left for when the girls get home!
Breakfast was the usual, cereal and fresh fruit.  After this weekend I’ve decided that I’m sticking to my usual routine of meals. They are safe and they don’t  involve a lot of planning or thinking.
mid morning I had my last granola bar, time to make some more! :)
Lunch was Chobani Raspberry Greek Yogurt with granola
For an afternoon snack I had 2 Wasa multi grain crackers, Laughing Cow Cheese and watermelon
For dinner I made a chowder similar to Taste of Home’s Garden Chowder, click here for the recipe.
Here are some of the veggies, I added frozen peas which is not in the original recipe but hubby likes them! I also have broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and celery. I used low fat milk and only sprinkled a little bit of cheese over each bowl of chowder instead of using a whole 3 cups to try and lighten up the dish without losing any flavor.

By the time the chowder was finished, we were in the midst of a huge thunderstorm and my kitchen was pitch black so the next picture is awful. I am having the leftovers  for lunch tomorrow so I will take a better pic then.
Tomorrow is Tuesday and to me that means running day! I have really come to enjoy my training, can’t believe I am already starting week 3! Last week I was on my own without hubby, our schedules just didn’t work out so we will see what this week brings. I have to say I do enjoy running by myself, he likes to talk and that gets me out of breath! lol :D


  1. You made the perfect meal for a thunerstorm I think. :) Looks yummy!
    Good luck with the run tomorrow!

  2. Oh honey, I wish I ate as well as you! Truly, your weekend eats are NOTHING compared to me...and that's not a good thing :(.

    I so appreciate your comments :)...and do you have that granola bar recipe posted - I must look! Fabulousness! :)

    P.S I love the Blue of your Blog - very serene...I must come here more often since I need a whole lot of that ;)

  3. So glad to hear you're liking the new running program! It's great to look forward to something. My hubby is a big fan of peas too. Man thing??? ;-)

  4. I think your soup looks delicious. Have a great run tomorrow!

  5. that chowder looks amazing! my stomach is growling now... :)

  6. I wish my husband loved peas! I love them so much but can't cook with them or he won't eat the dish.

    Good luck with your run!

  7. Lookin' good over here!!! Good luck with the running, that's awesome!!