Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Munchies, Flowers + Primavera

I am so happy today is almost over!!! I have been munching and munching on EVERYTHING today!!! For some reason I am craving salt and the pistachios just aren’t cutting it! Thank god I don’t have a bag of chips in this house!!! Geesh!!
Today I worked in the gardens, can’t believe summer is almost over and the flowers will soon be covered with a blanket of snow…

Tonight for dinner I made pasta primavera. This is the perfect meal to make when you need to use up some veggies before they expire. Since I do my grocery shopping on Wednesday nights, I went through the fridge and pulled out all my veggies that needed to be used up before the new guys come it. ;)
All I did was cook the veggies in some olive oil with garlic (lots of it, of course) until they are tender, about 5 minutes. Red peppers, mushrooms, asparagus, squash, carrots and spinach, whatever you have on hand.
Then to the pan I added some flour with low sodium chicken broth and a little bit of milk. Bring this to a boil and let it simmer for 10 minutes, it will thicken up nicely. Then spoon over pasta of your choice, I used linguine.
And here is the end result! Soooo yummy!!!! You could always add chicken to this dish but I love having a veggie night, especially when one of my goals is increasing my veggie count…this is the perfect dish to do it!
Going to watch Shaq vs. Rachel Ray tonight! I just put up some pics of when my daughter and I met RR in 2008 on my “signings” page. Not the friendliest famous/person  that we have met, but my daughter LOVED her so it was worth seeing her smile! :)


  1. The pasta looks so good! I just started "Meatless Monday" in my house, i'm really trying to get more veggies into my hubby and daughter but it's not easy. I'm hoping I can make this for them with no complaints lol

  2. i am literally drooling over that pasta...HOLY YUM! and we recorded shaq vs. rachel ray and i can't wait!

  3. That looks delicious!

  4. I'm in northern mass, too and I can't believe how different the weather is going to be in a couple of short months! Enjoy the rest of August!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  5. I LOVE Hydrangeas!! My bridesmaids held them in my wedding, and they were the flowers on my tables!! So pretty!!

    pasta primavera is one of my favs!! Thanks for sharing this tasty recipe :-)

  6. This is a fabulous idea, I wonder if I can trick the boys into eating a vego meal for dinner. This might do it I reckon!