Monday, August 2, 2010


Welcome to my blog where I will be sharing my casual, yet healthy dishes that I love to make for my family. I am not a dietician, I’m just an ordinary mom/wife who enjoys cooking, staying active and indulging in some sweets every now and then. I believe the key to a healthy lifestyle is balance and everything in moderation. For more about me and my family please visit the “about me” page.
Well it’s Monday, most people really hate Mondays but I look at them as the day to start fresh and get the week off on the right foot. My fridge is usually packed with great food choices and its my “have to” workout day. What do I mean by that? This may sound strange to some but if I don’t workout on Mondays when Tuesday rolls around I tend to say the heck with it I didn’t work out yesterday soooo…and before you know it the whole week went down the drain! So thats why no matter what Monday mornings I wake up, get dressed and put my sneakers right on, NO EXCUSES!!
So with today being Monday, after a quick cup of coffee and a handful of walnuts to wake me up I decided to do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred dvd. I actually loved it, only 20 minutes and your done. It’s based on interval training, 3 minutes strength/2 minutes cardio/1 minute abs all done nonstop at a fast past. Not bad if you don’t have a lot of time. I love it when I can get a workout in before the kiddos wakeup.
For breakfast I kept it simple, a bowl of Go Lean Crisp with a handful of blueberries with some soymilk.
My morning snack was a Dark Chocolate/Cherry granola bar, yum!!  My favorite combo, dried cherries and dark chocolate!!
Kashi Bar
For lunch I have to admit I’m a bit boring, I usually have the same thing most days. Guess I can’t screw it up, right?! haha My fridge is ALWAYS stacked with greek yogurt and all kinds of fruit. My daughter’s are fruit connoisseurs,  so I’m always looking for something new for them to try.
And lastly dinner, tonight I really can’t classify this as super healthy but it’s an old family favorite and Kailey, my 11 year old daughter asked if she could prepare dinner tonight. So I thought this would be perfect since she really enjoys eating it.
Baked Ziti prepared as healthy as we could…swapping plain pasta for whole grain, using low fat sour cream and cottage cheese instead of  full fat cheeses and the leanest sirloin we could find and a little sprinkling of part skim mozzarella on top! One bite brings me right back to childhood, love these kinds of dinners… especially sharing the kitchen with Kailey!
Kailey 1                              Kailey 2

Kailey 3Kailey 4
Hope everyone had a great Monday!!!

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  1. your pasta looks delicious. and it looks like you have a great helper in the kitchen! I have been replacing heavy cream in my pasta dishes with greek thats a big step for a restaurant up the good work and welcome to food buzz!