Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Magical Night

Hope everyone had a great weekend, mine has been busy but exciting!

Friday night we were invited by Disney Parks to opening night at the Boston Garden for Toy Story 3 on Ice along with other local bloggers.

The night started out with a meet n’ greet with Buzz and Woody.


We were treated to a wonderful kid friendly meal of hot dogs, chicken fingers, french fries, popcorn, veggies, sandwich wraps and chowdaaaah. And for dessert there was fruit salad and an array of the most delicious cookies. Needless to say the girls were thrilled and believe it or not Jordyn ate chicken! What?!

Don’t let this picture fool you, she was going straight for those cookies as soon as I turned my back! lol


Here we are with our bellies on overload!


After the meal and mingling with other local bloggers we were directed to our sky box seats, hello! After the excitement settled we waited in anticipation for the show to begin…


I have to say I was a bit nervous that the girls weren’t going to enjoy it as much considering they love anything princess,  but they absolutely LOVED it! The expressions on their faces were just priceless from the start to the finish! This show definitely gets a thumbs up from us!





Thank you Disney Parks for a magical night, you really know how to put on a show!


Disclosure: We were provided with a family pack of tickets along with a meal and premium seating, all the opinions about our experience are strictly mine.


  1. What a great night for the girls! I'm sure they'll always remember it! :)

  2. I found you on the Be One Fine Day Blog. I am your newest GFC follower. If you could check out my blog and follow me back I would appreciate it. Thanks Amber

  3. It's tough to beat Toy Story!

    New follower and I'll be checking out some of those recipes over the next few weeks.
    Looking forward to your blog posts as well.

  4. What an amazing experience! It's great to see that Disney still provides fabulous entertainment that is supposedly for kids - but we adults can enjoy it too!

    I found you through Totally Tuesday blog hop.
    I'm following you now and hope you'll stop by my blog sometime too!

  5. That's awesome!! My older sister (who is 13 yrs. older than me) would always take me to Ice Shows, they are my greatest memories!! I can't wait to take my daughter : )

  6. Hi, i found you on Totally Tuesday. I saw the Ice Capades when I was little and had the poster on my wall my entire childhood. It looks like you got a pretty cool experience that night that I'm sure you'll all remember! You and your girls are beautiful :)

  7. We took our boys a couple weeks back. They absolutely loved it! I was totally impressed. I loved when they played dream weaver & play that funky music :) for the barbie and ken duet!
    found you on Tuesday Twitter hop :)

  8. Awesome!! It looks like you and your girls had an amazing time. I would love to see this too :)
    Hopped over from the Totally Tuesday Blog hop. Have a great one!

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