Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome, December!

Happy December 1st, the official countdown to Santa’s arrival has begun in our household!! The house is decorated inside and out, the stockings are hung and the baking has continued.

Last week was the annual holiday fair at school so Jordyn’s class was assigned to make some cookies and Kailey’s class, sweet bread. It will come to no surprise that Jordyn picked her favorite cookie, Peanut Butter Blossoms. In fact, rumor has it that these are Santa’s favorites also!     Winking smile


For the sweet bread I knew just where I was going to look for a new recipe. I’ve always had great success with Tina’s from Carrots N’ Cake sweet breads and I’ve been meaning to try the Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf . Can I just tell you how easy and delicious it was! I love recipes where you just measure out the ingredients, mix and pour! I divided the wet and dry ingredients up for the sake of taking some pictures but you can just put everything in one bowl, simple cleanup!

OK!  I know, I swore to myself I was not going to open up another can of pumpkin but I just couldn’t resist! This WILL be my last pumpkin recipe post…fingers crossed! lol



I love the hint of nutmeg in this bread!


I poured mine into two mini tins, I think they are the perfect size.


Packaged up and ready for the holiday bake sale!




  1. My nutrition club is having a bake sale on Friday and I was going to make pumpkin bread - maybe I'll have to try out the chocolate one :)

  2. Can't believe it is already December!! Those are one of my favorite cookies!!

  3. Bread looks great - what a great gift idea too!

  4. This bread sounds fantastic. I'm a huge fan of pumpkin and chocolate. We'll have to get on decorating our house stat! We are behind!

  5. The whole month of December is so exciting for kids, I love it! I really need to improve my xmas decorations by the time I have kids, they would not be impressed with what I have!

  6. Wow, those peanut butter blossoms are mouth-watering. I love how you said "they're Santa's favorite too." The bread looks delicious. You got me in the mood to bake soon!

  7. This reminds me I need to bake cookies for the X-mas Band Concert bake sale at my son's school. You've helped me figure out what to make!Your Peanut Butter blossoms look wonderful!

  8. It is past time for me to get Christmas cookies going and in the freezer! Those peanut butter blossoms are some of our favorites too.