Sunday, September 5, 2010

Date Night

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend, the weather here has been spectacular! Yesterday I did my 30 Day Shred along with another run with hubby!

For breakfast I had a whole wheat bagel thin with almond butter, chia seeds and banana.  Love eating this before working out!!


For some reason I just wasn’t hungry at all  for lunch but we were heading up to the lake so hubby made me a little something before we left.


It was a perfect light lunch, he even took the picture! heehee

We enjoyed the day at my dad’s house on the lake, actually I think the dogs enjoyed it more than us!



Date Night!!!! :D  These only come once in a blue moon lately so I was really looking forward to it! We decided to keep it casual since it is Labor Day weekend and tried out a new place, The Citizen which is a wine and cheese bar! 

We started off with a Warm Cheese Dip spiked with roasted tomato & garlic with grilled pita

Dinner 5

Here is my pressed sandwich with a few different cheeses, homemade chips, pickle and some spicy whole grain mustard and Vidalia onion mayo all served on a cheese board.

Dinner 3

Dinner 2

We ordered fondue for dessert, it came with strawberries, apples, pretzels, dried apricots, bananas and biscotti. YUM! :)

Dinner 4

Some well deserved indulgence and end to a perfect evening!


  1. I love date night! Your dinner looks delicious!

  2. Wow yummy looking date night! woohoo for the 30 day shred :)
    I gave you an award its on my blog :)

  3. That looks like a lovely date night! :) We're just about to take the puppy swimming, too-- that photo is so perfect. Hope you have a fabulous Labor Day.

  4. That carrot cake oatmeal sounds so yummy! Thanks for sharing the idea :)