Monday, August 9, 2010

Veggies and a New Goal

Hope everyone got their week started on the right foot! Today I started week 2, level 2 of the 30 Day Shred. Holy cow! I have never felt more out of shape, I couldn’t wait for it to end! Hoping tomorrow is better, how could it get any worse! Sticking with it, not giving up or making any excuses like I usually would resort to! Jillian say’s “pain is fear leaving the body”. How true is that?!
This morning I had my usual breakfast, sorry people but when it comes to breakfast I pretty much stick with the same few things. Kashi’s Go Lean Cereal with berries. And for a snack I had a Kashi peanut granola bar, not my favorite one, I would have loved some chocolate pieces in there, but I still enjoyed it!

Looking through my last week of posts something struck me! I don’t eat nearly enough veggies!  Here I am preaching to my girls about how important veggies are and I’m not practicing what I preach. Not good! So for lunch I still had some lettuce leftover and I topped it with tomatoes (my favorite and they aren’t even a veg, go figure) cucumbers, petite carrots, raw almonds a little feta and some homemade ranch dressing and chicken from last nights dinner.  And a nectarine that I saved for later, that salad pretty much filled me up for the afternoon.
Jordyn, my youngest daughter has soccer all week from 5:30-7:30, how convenient right smack dab during dinner time! So dinner had to be quick and easy, I hit the nail right on the head with this recipe I found online from Fitness Magazine, Goat Cheese, Caramelized Onions and Spinach Quesadillas They were so easy to make, I added some mushrooms and chicken to satisfy my hubby. Delicious crispiness on the outside and the inside was gooey with flavor! lol Try them for yourself when you don’t have a lot of time or even when you have leftovers that you can’t think of anything to do with or your cleaning out your fridge!
So looking ahead to this week and planning my grocery shopping trip on Wednesday, my goal is to include more veggies into my day. I always eat the rainbow everyday BUT it’s more  a rainbow of fruit. I am going to try to add some type of veggie to each meal I have, including breakfast! Yikes!
What type of veggies, if any do incorporate into your breakfast? I would love to have some ideas!


  1. Sauted mushrooms and spinach are always a treat for breakfast. Or avocado and tomato on toast (but wait they aren't vegies). I'm totally a savoury brekkie person so those are my go tos.

  2. Your quesadillas look great!

    I throw spinach or kale into my smoothies -- I can't taste them and it is an easy way to get some veggies servings in.

  3. I have such a hard time incorporating veggies into my meals, I love veggies it's just one of those things I forget about until after I ate a meal lol! The quesadillas look really good, I'd have to omit the goat cheese. I could never get into goat cheese, maybe a sharp cheddar would be good?? hhmmm

  4. I don't usually get veggies in at breakfast time unless I make an omelet. I'll go for green peppers and spinach in an omelet. Maybe some zucchini too! I usually do some kind of fruit with breakfast, lately it has been a peach or a banana.

  5. oh wow, i would love some ideas too! don't get me wrong, i actually do get 4-5 servings a day. i just don't eat them in the A.M. mornings for me are simple eggs and cereal. that quesadilla looks really good though, now you have me reconsidering... :)